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My Kobo has lines running across the screen. I had the device for a month before it happened.

I carry my Kobo in my bag at all times (I am a daily subway commuter) and with, I may add, a Kobo slip-on case. Kobo Customer Care assured me that based on my images I sent to them, (front and back) the problem was an internal physical damage and therefore NOT covered under the one-year warranty. I tried numerous times to plead my case since I've had it for less than 30 days. I understand the policies and conditions that Kobo needs to stand by, but this process should not be about pointing fingers but to keep me (a young avid consumer and reader) happy with my Kobo device.

The fact that I decided to purchase a Kobo, instead of an Amazon Kindle shows my trust in their products/devices, right now that is non-existant.

Please revive my faith!! @damagedhumanreader

Monetary Loss: $80.

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The problem in cases where the display has *not* cracked or shattered, is due to a failure of the flat flexible cable on the eInk display. The eInk display substrate is a piece of glass and the cable that connects it to the Kobo wraps around the bottom edge of the glass.

It is important to note that the entire display and cable is purchased from eInk and not manufactured by Kobo. What happens is pressure and minor movements on the bottom of the display bezel (likely transferred by the IR shroud) cause the delicate traces to rub against the glass. All it takes is a minor break in these tiny traces to cause the display to fail with lines. I've found the bottom half horizontal lines associate to a break in a trace about 1/4 to 1/3 of the width from the left.

Try pressing delicately in this area and cause the screen to change.

This is a manufacturing defect - or at least a design flaw by eInk to not protect the traces from the display's glass edge. Kobo does not want to warranty this because it's not their defect. But it is their product.

Hopefully this has been remedied in newer models. ...but it would be a valid claim for a class-action suit.


Same has happened to me. Kobo was in protective case and left for half an hour in sleep mode.

When I tried to turn it on half the book cover froze and vertical and horizontal lines appeared. These get worse each time I switch it on! I had exactly the same email from Kobo help, word for word. They will not help.

My reader is 3 weeks old.

I am thinking of taking it back to the shop. I have also tried emailing koboexecutivecare@kobo.com but had no reply.


Currently having the exact same issue with kobo


i had the same experience with kobo customer support.

i sent them an image clearly showing *vertical* lines running through the device.

the email i got back said "Software defects only display straight horizontal or vertical lines. Physical/Internal damage displays lines that are curved or run diagonally across the screen, as seen on the images you have provided to us..."

now, instead of admitting it is their product, they asked for more photos! (i'm sure they will come up with another b*##it excuse)

:( :( :(

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #701908

I had a similar problem with my kobo touch. I emailed the customer care stating that I had received my kobo less than a year ago as a gift (a family member won it at a social). The kobo is always in its case and actually never leaves my nightstand. I read for a few hours before bed every week and the odd time on weekends. I used it last night and it worked fine. Turned it on this afternoon and lines popped across the screen. Then this is the response I get. Oh by the way my name is not Mary but this kobo rep seemed to think it was. And the pictures don't show a large patch near the right as this rep states so I'm not sure what she was looking at. I've worked customer service and this to me is completely unacceptable.

Response Via Email (Kristein A) 08/17/2013 10:58 PM

Hi Mary,

Thank you for contacting Kobo Customer Care.

We are sorry that you are experiencing problems with your device.

From the picture it can be noticed that near to the right of the device toward the bottom there is a large shattered patch which is the part of the device where the impact has occurred. Such damage cannot occur due to a manufacturing defect.

Please be advised that this does not happen only when a device is dropped (some other ways are: something solid falls on the device, something heavy and strong is accidentally places on the device, or the device may have come in contact with some other strong object while in a purse, bag, or a drawer).

Some times these physical damages pass unnoticed or happen without the knowledge of the customers, especially when the device is handled by other members of the family as well.

In addition, as mentioned, this is a kind of damage that cannot occur due to a manufacturing defect or malfunction and the 1 year warranty covers only manufacturing defects.

Therefore, due to the nature of the damage, the problem you are experiencing with your device falls beyond the warranty and, unfortunately, we cannot repair/replace the device.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


The Kobo Team

to Denise #887155

Kobo Aura *2. First one just froze - replaced.

Second one woke up dead. Sent them the photos and had the self same response. Word for word except for para 1. I have a curved line on the bottom left.

Matter is still in dispute. Do an internet hunt for BBB. Kobo are accredited by them and handle complaints on customers behalf. Kobo's rsponse seems pretty random.

There are some examples where they have offered replacements and others where they stick to the line of not covered by guarantee 'cos not a manufacturing defect.

I suspect the screens are just very prone to cracking under normal flexion, maybe because of the lighting panel. Good luck

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #701140


We're sorry to hear you have experienced this issue. Please feel free to contact KOBOExecutiveCare@kobo.com where a member of the Kobo Executive Care team will contact you.

Thank you

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